Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide charitable donations?

Ms. Cupcake aims to help charities and our local community through offering discounts on our products and services; and (on some occasions) through donations.

Areas we particularly support:

  • Animal Rights groups
  • Groups whose main focus is to promote veganism and a cruelty free lifestyle
  • Registered charities that do not participate in animal testing or the abuse of animals
  • Local charities and schools – within Brixton and Lambeth

Generally we are only able to provide donations to registered charities.  However, for groups that are not registered charities, we will deal with their requests on a case by case basis.  Groups that we partner with will be welcome to a discretionary 10% discount on pre-ordered purchases for special events or promotions.  At times we can additionally offer small donations of food stuffs to partnered groups or events, but only through prior arrangement.  Generally we can only provide donations of food products Monday-Wednesday.

If you have an event that you think we could support, please contact us on info@mscupcake.co.uk with details of your group and your planned event.  We will reply as soon as we can.

So what do you sell that is vegan?

Everything!  Ms. Cupcake bakes nothing but vegan cakes and savouries. We bake everything ourselves and we do it on our entirely vegan premises.

What do you mean by ‘vegan’?

Vegan means that we do not use any animal products.  This includes: milk, butter, eggs, cheese, honey etc.  If we ever refer to something as ‘buttery’ or are talking about our ‘cheesecakes’ – rest assured we only use vegan products to get our yummy results.  We also use ‘meat replacement’ products, so we may talk about ‘sausage rolls’ or ‘jerk chicken’ from time to time, but again 100% vegan.

Do vegan things taste funny?

Not funny – just fabulous. We bet you won’t be able to notice what we’ve taken out of our baked goods.  We want to make decadent baked goods that EVERYONE can share, so we go out of our way to make sure even the most discerning palates won’t be able to tell the difference.

I have serious allergies – how can I be sure your products are safe for me?

Ms. Cupcake keeps a pretty strict kitchen and has a couple of simple rules:

1)     No animal products allowed on site – this way there is no threat of cross contamination.

2)     Any product label that says – ‘may contain traces of milk’ etc – will not be used in the making of our products as a general rule.  If there is any ingredient we want to use and we are unsure of its safety, we always obtain written confirmation from the manufacturers that it is safe for us to use before it comes into the kitchen.

3)     We sometimes stock items (like chocolate bars) in our shop that say ‘may contain traces of milk’ – Often these products still possess a logo from the Vegan Society, so the possibility of it containing the allergen is very slight.  We leave the decision up to you to purchase the item or not.  However, we will not use that product in our kitchen.

4)    We can make products that do not contain gluten, wheat, soya, maize or nut ingredients.  However, we do use these ingredients on site, so we cannot guarantee anything to be free from traces of these allergens.

I have a nut allergy – do you bake anything for me?

It is important to note that we DO use nuts in our kitchen.  We try and handle them in a way to avoid cross-contamination; however we cannot make any promises. We never ‘hide’ nuts in anything – nuts are always declared in the name of the product and we only use them when we feel it is integral to the flavour.

Do you use soya?

Yes we do.  We understand that some people need to (or want to) keep a soya-free diet – if that’s the case, please get in touch.  Most of our products can be special ordered to be free of soya.

I am diabetic! What can you do for me?

Currently we do not offer any products free from sugar.

Sounds good! How do I get some?

You can buy Ms. Cupcake products at our retail shop at 408 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW9 8LF and at our market stalls in and around London and the rest of the country.  Check our website calender, Facebook and Twitter to be kept up to date as to where we are each week.  Alternatively you can have some delivered to your door (if you are in London) by booking online or if you are further afield you can order from our Treats By Post Menu – click here for more information.

How will I know what is on the menu each day?

Generally each day at our shop we have available – 12 different cupcake flavours, large cakes by the slice, cookies, cookie sandwiches, squares and savoury items. As we bake our cakes fresh, we often change the flavours throughout the day so we don’t usually advertise particular flavours on sale each day.

How can I pay for the cakes?

At our shop you can pay using cash, cards (for purchases over £10.00), Brixton Pounds, and Ms. Cupcake gift vouchers. For Special Orders booked online and our Treats By Post menu, we can take card payments via Paypal.

Can I order cakes and then pay for them when I pick them up?

No.  All special orders must be paid for in advance of baking.

I want 12 cupcakes – can I choose 12 different flavours?

We bake in batches of 12.  That means when you order a flavour you are ordering 12 of that flavour.  If we didn’t do it that way we’d have to throw away 132 cupcakes.

However – we always offer a ‘Pick ‘n’ mix’ option.  This is where Ms. Cupcake creates a selection box of up to 6 different flavours for you based on what we are baking up that day.

If you come directly to our shop, we always have at least 12 different cupcake flavours available each day.

Do you deliver?

Currently Ms. Cupcake offers a hand delivery service within zones 1-3 of London. These deliveries are handled by an external company, so there is a delivery charge applicable. We can stretch further afield if needed for large orders – get in touch to ask.  For customers outside of London we have created our Treats By Post menu that you can have mailed straight to your door!  Click here for more info.

Remember – you can always pick up your special orders from our shop for no charge!

Can you post your cakes outside of London?

We’re afraid our cupcakes and layer cakes can not be posted outside of London as they are very fragile and wouldn’t look very pretty when they got to you!  If you are planning a big celebration – our cakes do travel really well – we’ve had people pick them up and drive them clear across the country for their festivities, we just don’t currently have enough ‘cupcake-crew’ to do the driving for you!

We are able to post some of our products directly to your door.  Find out more out our Treats by Post here.

How long do your cakes stay fresh?

Our cupcakes keep for about 3 days at room temperature and a little longer if you keep them in an air-tight container.  Our larger cakes and bakes keep longer – at least a week at room temperature.

All of our cakes excluding our scones and puffs love to be frozen! We’ve been told by our customers that they keep brilliantly for about 3 months in the freezer.

Do you do Wedding Cakes?

We love Weddings at Ms. Cupcake! We specialise in sponge rather than traditional fruitcakes.  We can do you big tiers of cupcakes or large sponge layer cakes for your special day.  If you are looking for more traditional sugar paste covered fruitcakes, let us know – we can recommend other vegan bakers for you.

I’ve got a flavour or type of cake in mind you don’t list – can you still make it for me?

Sure we can!  We have created many bespoke recipes for clients and take great pride in ‘veganising’ your favourite cakes.  Just get in touch!

Can you cater for large parties or take corporate orders?

Yes. We operate under a first-come first-served policy, so it’s always best to book as far in advance as you can.  Our ovens do get filled up in peak seasons, so book early to avoid disappointment.

I want to show off my cupcakes at my party/wedding! Do you have cake stands we can hire?

Unfortunately we no longer hire out stands.  We are happy to recommend places you can purchase good qualities ones – get in touch at info@mscupcake.co.uk and ask!

I want to share the love! Do you have gift vouchers I can buy for my friends?

We sure do!  We sell monetary vouchers in £10 denominations that can be spent on anything in the store.  Additionally we offer vouchers for the classes that we have at our bakery – which make awesome presents!

You can purchase all of our vouchers directly at our Brixton shop or by emailing info@mscupcake.co.uk

Is there really a Ms. Cupcake?

Of course there is!  Ms. C started her cake-baking life back in 2010 by making cakes in her home kitchen and selling them at Greenwich Market. Her ethos has always been simple – EVERYONE should be able to eat decadent cake regardless of their dietary needs.

Cupcake-Crew? Who’s that?

The Cupcake-Crew are Ms. C’s handpicked staff members who bring all of her baked goods to life.

Me Please!!!!!!!!! How do I become a member of the Cupcake-Crew?

If you are looking for a role with Ms. Cupcake, please only send us your details when you know we are hiring.  We post any vacancies on our website, Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Can I book the lady herself?

Now, now… nothing tawdry! Sure you can.  Best thing to do is get in touch with the Limelight Celebrity Mangement agency http://www.limelightmanagement.com/ for more information.

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