Ordering Cakes

Need Cakes? We can help!

You MUST give us at least 1 week’s notice for special orders. Once we receive payment your order will be confirmed. Alternatively you can come to our shop in Brixton to place your order.

Orders can be collected at our Brixton shop or we can arrange delivery within zones 1-3 of London using a hand delivery courier service. Contact us for a quote.

If you are looking for cupcakes and want a mixture of flavours, don’t worry about placing an order, just come directly to our shop to purchase. We always have 12 different flavours available each day.

Cupcakes at the shop are priced as:

Each cupcake £2.40
Box of 4 cupcakes £9.50
Box of 6 cupcakes £13.50
Box of 12 cupcakes £26.00

When pre-ordering cupcakes online there is a minimum order of 1 dozen cupcakes. You MUST order 1 full dozen of any ONE flavour or you can opt for our pick and mix option where we fill your box with Ms. C’s flavours of the week.

Alternatively you may want to opt for a large celebration cake in any flavour of your choice. We can even write a special message in icing on it for you!

Prices are as follows:

10″ 2 layer round cake – £26.00
9″ 3 layer checkerboard cake – £35.00
10″ 2 layer square cake – £35.00
12″ 2 layer square cake – £45.00
10″ 2 layer Heart shaped cake – £30.00
10″ 2 layer Handbag shaped cake – £40.00
11″ 2 layer Paw Print shaped cake – £40.00
11″ 2 layer Airplane shaped cake – £40.00
11″ 2 layer #1 shaped cake – £40.00
11″ 2 layer Teddy Bear shaped cake – £45.00
12″ 2 layer Flower shaped cake – £45.00
12″ 2 layer Star shaped cake – £45.00
9″ Giant Cupcake (collection only) – £45.00

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