Ms Cupcake

Hi sweetie! I’m Ms. Cupcake and I originally hail from Canada, but moved to the UK many moons ago.

I began baking from home when I couldn’t find indulgent bakery goods for vegans in London. I soon realised that it wasn’t just vegans like me that weren’t being catering for, but also those allergic to different foods like eggs and milk, and those who didn’t eat certain things due to religious reasons.

So I launched my small business from my home kitchen in the spring of 2010 and began by selling my vegan cakes at markets around London. I would describe my baking as classic North American with a British flavour twist. The rise from ‘small home business’ to where we are today has been meteoric! We opened the doors to our shop (London’s first entirely vegan retail bakery) in April 2011 and I was named the Baking Industry Awards Rising Star of 2011 in September of that year. Our first cookbook – Ms. Cupcake: The Naughtiest Vegan Cakes in Town was released by Random House in 2013 and I’m currently writing our second book.

I created the Ms. Cupcake bakery and shop to be an open plan bakery so everything can be baked and decorated fresh onsite in front of the customers each day. Our menu now features cookies, squares, layer cakes, muffins, sandwiches and more – but we are still renowned for our decadent cupcakes.

Anna (aka Fibi)

I’m the General Manager and self-proclaimed “Queen Cake Decorator”. I have been at Ms. Cupcake since the early days when the shop first opened. When I’m not putting a huge amount of icing on your cupcakes, I’m at home watching a tv series, having people over for my breakfast club or reading poetry.

Favourite Ms. Cupcake product? I especially love our Milkshakes!

Ben from the Office

I’m an Account Manager and the only northerner at Ms. Cupcake. My role is fantastic as I get to work with an amazing internal team, as well as the chance to build relationships with highly skilled and professional clients in the food industry. Outside of the office I enjoy walks, rock’n’roll and drinking Yorkshire tea.

Favourite Ms. Cupcake product? The cookies are absolutely amazing, especially the ‘Red Velvet’ flavour.


I’m Bruno and I’m both a graphic designer and bakery assistant at Ms. Cupcake. Working at Ms. Cupcake is great because I’m a big fan of decadent treats that we make. I also love being able to chat to customers about what we do, and working in a vegan environment appeals to me. Outside of work I like going to gigs, eating pizza and working out.

Favourite Ms. Cupcake product? Got to be The Ambassador Cupcake.


I joined Ms. Cupcake last year as Baking Assistant and I’m now a Duty Manager. Baking is a huge passion of mine and my colleagues are great so it’s a perfect combination working here! When I’m not baking I love walking around the parks in London as well as listening to good rock music.

Favourite Ms. Cupcake product? Lemon and Poppyseed Muffin and Choc Chip Cookie…sorry couldn’t choose between the two!


I’m Joe and I’m Admin Assistant here at Cupcake Towers! I love working here as the people are lovely and there’s nothing better than getting to know the menu! When I’m not accounting or creating policies you’ll find me playing in my band, going to gigs, pod-casting and reading.

Favourite Ms. Cupcake product? In a narrow-fought victory I think the Salted Caramel Nanaimo just edges out the Cookie Dough Brownie.



Hi! I’m Lauren and I’m a Bakery Assistant. When I’m not baking huge cookies or whipping up a mighty milkshake I love watching YouTube Videos on veganism and listening to 50’s and Rock ‘n’ Roll music. Ms. Cupcake is great as I get to work alongside like minded people while making great treats!

Favourite Ms. Cupcake product? The milkshakes and the cookies!


Hi! I’m Yuri and I’m a Bakery Assistant. I love fresh air, parks, concerts, relaxing at home with a good book, cycling and meeting up with friends – but mostly I love eating ALL the vegan food!  Working at Ms. Cupcake means you get to meet lots of amazing people and fill their bellies with incredible vegan treats!

Favourite Ms. Cupcake product? I love the Salted Caramel cupcake more than anything – it’s perfect!


I’m Jessica and I work in the office as a Sales and Marketing Assistant. When I’m not at work I love going to gigs to see my favourite bands and trying out new London restaurants.  At Ms. Cupcake I love speaking directly to customers – whether it is on social media or helping them to select a bespoke cake for their special occasion.

Favourite Ms. Cupcake product? I love the Oreo cupcake – it’s a classic!


I’m Margo and I’m the Finance Assistant here at Ms. C!  When I’m not dealing with numbers I love going to gigs, travelling, and buying vinyl until I go bankrupt!  I have a passion for maths and economics and working at Ms. C allows me to do what I love with a brilliant team by my side.

Favourite Ms. Cupcake product? It would have to be the Tea and Biscuit flavour cupcake!


I’m Graziely and I’m a Front of House Assistant at Ms. Cupcake!  I love the decadent products we have here and the really nice customers we get to see every day! When I’m not at work I love walking with my dogs, going to museums, the cinema and checking out vegan places all over the city.

Favourite Ms. Cupcake Product?  It’s a tie between the Ambassador Cupcake and the Peanut Butter Snap bar.


Reduce waste. Save money. Eat cake!

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Hi folks! We’re so excited to announce our Tote bag discount scheme. Buy a Ms. Cupcake branded Tote bag and each time you visit our shop with the bag you’ll get 5% discount off your order! You can buy our bags online, choose from a Black Tote bag or Cream Tote bag. Or pick one up at […]

Easter Opening Times 2017

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Planning on visiting us over the Easter break? Check out our opening dates / times below. Thursday April 13th – 10am-8pm Friday April 14th – 10am-8pm Saturday April 15th – 10am-8pm Sunday April 16th – 10am-8pm Monday April 17th – CLOSED Tuesday April 18th – 12pm-7pm