Giving back through cake.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the strongest support from our community – both at a local and national level.  This year Ms. Cupcake is on its biggest mission yet to GIVE BACK. To give back more than ever before. To directly help the very heroes that work tirelessly to improve the society in which we live.

We have chosen twelve charities and non-profit organisations to work with over the next twelve months. We are super excited to announce that our charity partner for June is, Animal Aid.


Who are Animal Aid and what do they do?

Animal Aid was established in 1977, and for the past 40+ years has campaigned tirelessly against all animal cruelty. From investigating factory farms, slaughterhouses and ‘game’ bird farms, to promoting vegan and cruelty-free living, Animal Aid makes it clear that all animals matter, and all deserve respect.

The Summer Vegan Pledge is a 30-day vegan pledge that takes place in June. In short, it is the opportunity for those who are interested, to try a vegan diet for the month. Throughout the month, participants get all the support and help they need, plus have the chance to win some fantastic prizes.

It is completely FREE to sign-up, so why not give it a try? www.animalaid.org.uk/summerveganpledge

What is Ms. Cupcake doing?

Across June we’ll be promoting Animal Aid all over our social media, website and shop. You’ll also be able to purchase a branded Chocolate Vanilla Split cupcake at the Ms. Cupcake shop in Brixton – with £1.00 from each sale going direct to the charity.


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