Ms. Cupcake’s Top 9 Vegan Cake Baking Hacks!

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Winter is a super time for baking! Long dark nights, days of pouring rain. We make plans, kick-start hobbies and cling on to new year resolutions.

If you’re planning on giving vegan baking a go in the near future, do not go anywhere! Read our top hacks below. And you never know, you might find some advice that takes your bake from ‘good’ to ‘amazing’ in just a few easy steps.

  1. If you’re using non-dairy margarine, you may need to include a vegetable fat or ‘shortening’ in the recipe to get the right texture, as non-dairy margarines have a more fragile structure
  2. By adding cider vinegar or lemon juice to soya milk, you can create a great alternative to buttermilk. For every 100ml of soya milk, about about 10ml of vinegar or lemon juice
  3. When making a cake, stir the ingredients until just combined. Over-mixing will lead to a dense and flat cake
  4. To make sure your layer cakes rise beautifully, tap your filled cake tins on a counter before placing in the oven
  5. Make sure to store your bakes at room temperature. Keeping vegan bakes in the fridge dries them out and they will become stale much quicker
  6. Using food colouring in your bakes? Look out for the ingredient E120 (cochineal), as this is neither vegan nor vegetarian
  7. Are your cupcakes cases peeling away from your cases? Buy cheaper ones! The thinner the paper, the less likely they are to peel away
  8. Making a layer cake? Don’t leave the layers lingering in the tins for too long or the middle of your cake is likely to sink!
  9. When buying decorations for our bakes, look out for ingredients like gelatine, shellac or beeswax as these aren’t vegan

For full recipe’s and more vegan baking tips and hacks, buy our cookbook by clicking HERE.

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