Six week summer sale!

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We LOVE rewarding our fans so we are extremely excited to announce our six week summer sale!! Starting immediately, each week we’ll be featuring one product with a huge discount available to purchase at our Brixton shop and/or online.

This is no ordinary sale. We’ve picked-out six of the MOST-LOVED and POPULAR items on our menu to be discounted. Great cake, great offers!

See below for our summer sale timetable;

MUFFINS Monday 25th July – Sunday 31st July
– Kicking-off the sale are our scrumptious hand-made Muffins reduced to £1.80 each! Get your mouth round flavours such as Apple Cinnamon Crumble, Banana Nut and Mixed Berry. Purchase at our shop or order them to your door here: https://ms-cupcake.myshopify.com/products/muffins.

BROWNIES Monday 1st August – Sunday 7th August
– Love our Brownies? Oreo, Red Velvet or Walnut Brownie take your fancy? We’ve only gone and knocked-off a quid from the usual price for this week only! Packed with indulgence and flavour, you’ll be mad not to get one! Grab at our shop or online!

COOKIES Monday 8th August – Sunday 14th August
– Next up are our epic soft and chewy Cookies, down to £1.20 each for the whole week! Nothing beats a cookie for that on-the-go treat!

COOKIE SANDWICHES Monday 15th August – Sunday 21st August
– You’ve fell in love with the Cookies, so why not have two? Our Cookie Sandwiches are the ultimate in decadence. A layer of fluffy buttercream icing sandwiched by two american-style cookies. We’re dropping a pound off the price – bargain!

THE AMBASSADOR Monday 22nd August – Sunday 28th August
– The biggy! The Ambassador Cupcake – our king – the best seller – will be reduced way down to £2.10 each for the whole week! Chocolate hazelnut sponge, topped with ganache and chocolate hazelnut icing then rolled in roasted chopped hazelnuts – pure heaven.

NANAIMO BAR Monday 28th August – Sunday 4th September
– Nothing else could round-off our sale other than the undisputed champion of Canadian delicacies, the Nanaimo Bar. Never had one? Think decadence then x that by ten. Chocolate, coconut and biscuit base, custard filling with a layer of plain chocolate on top! Fan favourites include Mocha and Salted Caramel! Just £2.00 each for the whole week!!

Enjoy folks and don’t forget to tag us in on social media @MsCupcakeUK!!

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