Our Vision

Everybody deserves great cake. It is our job to create indulgent and decadent cakes for them regardless of what they can, and cannot eat.

Our Mission

Ms. Cupcake aims to bring ‘free from’ cake to the masses.  We do this through baking incredible cakes, raising the profile of a vegan diet, and educating our clients and local community on how they can create ‘free from’ cakes for themselves.  We do this in the United Kingdom and internationally.


  1. Customer Service – Every person who walks through the door at Ms. Cupcake is our friend.  We always treat our clients with love and respect.  We go out of our way to be as helpful as possible.
  2. Great Cake – We only ever provide top-notch cake to our customers.  We never serve up cake that we are not proud of.
  3. 100% Vegan – We ensure that none of the things we make contain any animal derived ingredients.
  4. Inclusive – We are an organisation that does not align itself with any particular politics. We want everyone to feel welcome at Ms. Cupcake regardless of what they do, or do not eat.
  5. Providing a Fun Experience – Ms. Cupcake should remind you of when you went to your granny’s house a time long ago.  The smells, sounds and taste should catapult everyone back in time and provide each person with a fun and enjoyable experience.

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