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Everybody deserves great cake. It is our job to create indulgent and decadent cakes for you regardless of what you can, and cannot eat. Ms. Cupcake is London’s first entirely vegan bakery.  We are based in Brixton, South West London and open seven days a week. Ms. Cupcake makes cupcakes, layer cakes, cookies, muffins, squares, sandwiches, savoury treats and much, much more. Everything we make is always 100% vegan and we additionally make lots of products without wheat/gluten.

Brand New Icing Recipe With 33% Less Sugar

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You spoke, we’ve listened. We’re super happy to announce that we have taken your comments on board and created a new and improved icing recipe!  Our brand new icing now includes 33% LESS SUGAR across our full range of products!  To celebrate, we’re offering 33% discount off all cupcakes in store this weekend from 13th-14th […]

Ms. Cupcake’s Rules For Vegan Baking

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Some of the methods in our cookbook you may find odd or unconventional if you are unfamilar with vegan baking. However, we cannot stress enough how important it is to follow these rules so that you get the best results! Here are a few guidelines; ***DON’T STIR TO MUCH*** When we say, ‘stir until just […]

Our Charity Of The Month Is Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary

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We are super happy to announce that we have partnered with FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary for the month of October!  FRIEND was founded in 1994 when it’s founder Marion bought a disabled lamb at a livestock market. She then decided that all animals on the farm would have a peaceful life. Today, the farm is […]