Mouse’s Favourite Cheese Goes On Sale!

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Hey folks,

We are super happy to announce our newest addition to our fridge collection.  Award-winning Mouse’s Favourite vegan cheese!

Founded by Gabriella Le- Cocq, Mouse’s Favourite was built upon a focus on simple delicate alternatives to dairy cheese. The base of the raw cheese is made from organic cashews and almonds – with most other ingredients coming from organic sources.

Gabrielle became vegan ten years ago, and this switch led her to find new skills that she would not have known otherwise.  Each micro batch is made by hand – a process which ultimately takes four weeks. This cheese is inspired by the classic cheeses that everyone loves. It’s delightful taste is made by the best quality nuts with traditional cheese-making procedures.

At Ms. Cupcake we currently have the luxurious camembert cheese and the rich Aged Dolce cheese in store. This cheese will make people turn vegan! You better hurry in because these cheeses are selling quick and you definitely don’t want to miss out on them.


Much love,

The Ms. Cupcake Team

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