Ms. Cupcake’s cookbook out on May 9th!

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Our first cookbook is out on May 9th with Square Peg (Random House). Have you heard what people have been saying about it?

“It is stunning. It’s definitely the most beautiful cookbook in my vast collection … I can recommend this book to everyone, from beginners to experts, vegans and non vegans, this book is a must have.” (hastalavegan.com )

“I can’t gush about these recipes enough. Ms Cupcake makes the best vegan treats I’ve ever eaten, and the thought that I can whip up something even remotely similar at home is rather dangerous for my waistline!” (paperbagblog )

“An English [vegan] cookery book with decadent treats and everything is available in the UK shops. No searching online for UK substitutes for US products = BLISS” (tohappyvegans.com )

“Buy the Ms. Cupcake book if you would like to know how to create mouthwatering cookies, cupcakes, muffins and loaves. Buy the Ms. Cupcake book if you want an invaluable guide to vegan icing, stockists and methods. Buy the Ms. Cupcake book if you enjoy owning recipe books brimming with colourful and stylish artwork and photos.” (fatgayvegan.com )

Get a hold of your copy through your local or online book store or click here!

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